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Grant Fisher

Focus Areas:
• Brand growth
• Executive Capability
• High Performance
• Sales and Business Development
• Professionalism
• Small Business Success

• Professional Services
• Retail




Current and Previous Experience in the Roles of:
• Executive Director- Eyecare
• General Manager, Optical
• National Operations Manager
• Executive Coach

“Imagine no limitations; decide what’s right and desirable before you decide what’s possible.”

Quote by Brian Tracy

When you first look up Grant Fisher, the above quote stands out, and one conjures immediately in the mind that this person must be inspired and inspiring – and you would be correct – for this is exactly who Grant is.

Grant grew up with the belief that: ‘There is always a way! There is always an even better way!’ With over 25 years of extensive business leadership experience running small, medium and global businesses, Grant has worked hard to train and develop high performance teams. This passion has led Grant to clock tens of thousands of hours of ongoing professional development, training and coaching with world famous motivational coaches and leaders such as, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Franklin Covey, to name just a few, all of which has not only contributed to his personal development but honed his skills and capabilities to deliver even more to his clients.

Grant is a multi-award-winning speaker, professional coach and trainer who regularly works with business owners, executives, sales teams, business development managers and individuals to improve personal effectiveness, workplace productivity, increase revenue and implement effective growth strategies. He earned the 2019 Global Practice of The Year Award Winner ’The Pebble on the Pond’ and acquired the 2018 Global Award Winner of the Campbell Fraser Award for Coaching Excellence, an award which is based on client satisfaction and ROI.

Through combining his mentoring skills and extensive knowledge of human behaviour with training and coaching programs, Grant is able to outline and support the execution of an immediate action plan for clients. Grant specialises in personal and team leadership performance and transformation; communicating with confidence, trust, and impact; and all aspects of personal and business growth.

Whether you are looking to increase your income, unlock your full potential, supercharge your career or business, boost your sales and profit, empower your staff, or take control of your future, Grant is able to assist. He has been in the business arena just as you have. He has opened new and grown existing businesses. He has worked hard to train and develop high performance teams. He has struggled with time and burnt the candle at both ends for years. He has actively fought the competition to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. He has taken risks and made mistakes, learning, regrouping and going again.

Quoting a client, At the heart of a business and in life, I believe there are three core values that make a person, Trust, Respect and Integrity, Grant Fisher is a man who has all of them! Talk to Grant he is a great listener and he cares.

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