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About Us

Expertise, High Performance, Sustainable Results

Our Global Consulting Services

Playmakers Consulting Services Pty Ltd (PCS) is an Australian-based consultancy with global presence, working with independent experts in multiple sectors who come together to provide customised solutions for clients.

Built with the future of work in mind, Playmakers brings together senior executives and managers from multiple sectors who are in varying stages of career transition, breaking down barriers to create a new world. These Playmakers have individually achieved great heights of success; now coming together to collectively provide stronger outcomes to deliver results through collaboration, strategic and operational leadership, with equal input and individual accountability.

PCS core business areas include Business Strategy, Business Growth, Business Process Improvement, Innovation, Change Management, Capability and Culture Strategy and Development, Corporate Wellness Programs, Executive Leadership Development, Workforce Skills and Training Solutions, Work Readiness and Graduate Programs’ Development. Our robust research arm feeds into all business areas providing clients with added value on all projects.

Playmakers undertake and manage small, medium, and large-scale projects in core business areas, across multiple areas and sectors with high-performing teams, comprising of individuals with value-add skills and expertise, working together to achieve client objectives.


The Playmakers Consulting Approach

We are passionate about enabling our clients to achieve positive outcomes. Building strong, sustainable client partnerships is our core objective and we hope to work with our clients for life, stepping in to support, advise, coach, facilitate and lead, as required by client organisations enabling evolution and growth.

As trusted advisors, not only do we take the time and make the effort to completely understand your organisation, your drivers, your culture, and your objectives, we also seek to learn about your challenges and opportunities to develop tailored solutions specific to your needs, environment, and operating frameworks. Our objective is to help create a sustainable environment for you to consistently continue to achieve strong results in a changing, competitive landscape.

Extensive Knowledge

Supported by our extensive collective knowledge and experience, we build trust with our authenticity, pragmatism, and transparency.


We provide clear return on investment through employing proven cost-effective tools, techniques, and necessary innovation.

High Productivity

From a client perspective, you are paying only for outcomes and not by the hour for labour and related resources that may not be used at that time.

Tailored Solutions

We seek to learn about your challenges and opportunities to develop tailored solutions specific to your needs, environment, and operating frameworks.