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We are passionate about enabling our clients to achieve positive outcomes

We are passionate about enabling our clients to achieve positive outcomes. High performance is our game and we enable and support you to make the plays to win every game you choose.


Built with the future of work in mind, Playmakers brings together senior executives and managers from multiple sectors who are in varying stages of career transition, breaking down barriers to create a new world. These Playmakers have achieved great heights of success; but collectively provide stronger outcomes to deliver results through collaboration, strategic and operational leadership and with individual accountability.

Our core business areas include
  • Business Strategy

  • Business Growth

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Change Management

  • Capability and Culture Strategy and Development

  • Workforce Skills and Training Solutions

  • Education Innovation

  • Design, Delivery and Compliance

  • Education and Workforce Grants and Tenders

  • Student engagement Technology Solutions

  • Work Readiness and Graduate Programs Development

The Playmakers approach

Our objective is to help you create a sustainable environment to consistently achieve strong results in a changing, competitive landscape.


As trusted advisors, not only do we take the time and make the effort to completely understand your organisation, your drivers, your culture and your objectives; we also seek to understand your challenges and opportunities to develop tailored solutions specific to your needs, environment and operating framework.


Our team of Playmakers will step in to support, advise, coach, facilitate and lead as required during client organisation, evolution and growth. We are skilled at using a pragmatic approach to achieve results within challenging business environments with proven cost-effective tools, techniques and necessary innovation.


Based on scope of a particular project, our Project Lead will deploy expert consultants to deliver key outcomes at different phases of the project, ensuring that the baton is passed seamlessly from one activity to another to deliver overall project objectives. This will also ensure that relevant expertise is sourced and delivered at the right time to avoid wastage of resources, keeping productivity high.


From a client perspective, you reap the benefits of paying only for outcomes and not by the hour for labour and related resources that may not be used at that time, as we are committed to strong project scoping, lean resourcing and delivering efficiency at all times.

We look forward to helping you play your best game, and welcome the opportunity to be the Playmakers for your team.

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