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Opportunity is now here

The Phoenix Program

Lean into Career Transformation

Our world is changing rapidly around us, and we are all being forced to adapt and evolve. COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to the way we work and the way we deliver our services. Organisations are critically evaluating the capability of their leaders and workforce to take them strongly into the future. People are evaluating their personal and professional lives at a deeper level than ever before and looking for greater purpose and realisation of their own potential. The new normal is now here. The future of work is now here. There has never been a better time for us to sit up and take notice.
We, at Playmakers Consulting Services, have created The Phoenix Program – a dynamic career transition ecosystem that supports, educates, retains necessary and valued current skills, fosters, and builds future skills for greater employability and is on the front foot, not simply meeting job needs of the future, but pro-actively re-designing new jobs for the future economy. Opportunity is now here for us to seize and make a real difference.

Our Objective

To ensure that people of all ages, in any stage of life, manage career transition confidently with enhanced roadmaps, pivoting to align with evolving jobs, professions, and industries with personalised, accessible expert support.

The Phoenix Program has key relevance to Transition Careerees, helping them to recognise the opportunity in the transitional state they find themselves, albeit the state may have been caused due to circumstances outside their control. The opportunity offered to them is multi-fold and when embraced and supported in the right way can help them pivot to re-invent themselves, opening up new experiences with retraining and re-education, taking them further along their new multi-dimensional career journeys into the future of work, way ahead of others who have not had the transition trigger, may be.

What We Support You To Do


Understanding your current status and what you want to be/do/have. Delving deep into your core skills and experience and gauging your transferable skills. Exploring new possibilities.


Supporting you to design your tailored plan(s) to achieve your desired status. There may be multiple paths and short journeys to take along the way to achieving your goals and we will be with you every step of the way.


Along this journey, you will need and want to acquire new knowledge and skills to build your dynamic armoire. We will support you through our partnerships with education providers and industry.


Apply new knowledge in diverse professional environments to gain confidence while adding immediate and clear value to employers. We enable you on the reskilling journey through bringing you into suitable short and medium-term projects, where possible, with the support of our vast mentoring network.


As you gain new skills, enhance existing skills, and get clear on where you would like to be, with the support of our wonderful network of coaches and mentors, we will support you to build a new career and using our support systems.

Co-creation Of The New Normal

Building on existing support systems through collaborative partnerships.

Upskill & Reskill

Through partnerships with educational providers. Building on existing VET and other training systems to upskill and reskill.

Skill Integration

Through partnerships with industry. Building industry workforce competency frameworks to integrate skill for the future to support workforce career management retention and growth.

Support, Accelerate, Collaborate

Through partnerships with government and associated providers of career transition assistance.

New Normal

Through partnerships with recruitment agencies and career services providers.

Purpose of Training

Not only will you receive individualised coaching, you will also be mentored by passionate experts and influencers. Many participants of The Phoenix Program also choose to come back as mentors to support others embarking on the same journey they did. They provide valuable contextual advice and peer support, challenging and supporting in equal measure.


Why Mentorship

There are so many agencies that offer support, be it government or private…. So why us?

Playmakers are the right people in the right place at the right time to support “transition careerees”:

  • Strong social values and conscience.
  • Passion to make a difference in the lives of the transitionary workforce, making them strong, resilient, successful, and learning-oriented.
  • Business model that leverages the immense expertise of executives who have now moved into the Gig economy as expert consultants, actively using their transferable skills while acquiring new skills and sharing the benefit of their experiences to deliver unique client value.
  • Strong community of collaborative consultants who have supported each other on their career transition journey and continue to support each other, kicking off joint projects through their individual businesses and sharing personal and professional networks for the benefit of the Playmakers collective.
  • Present and growing career management and transition navigation expertise.
  • Successful track record built through personal experiences of our consultant network.
  • Access to an ever-growing, diverse network of mentoring and coaching experts, strategic people, and culture experts with significant capability to support industry partners to effect job and career re-design.
  • Partnerships with recruitment experts, industry partners, education and learning partners, technology partners and many other product and service partners.

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