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Our Capabilities

Experience and Capability Profile

Our Consultant Collective

Our consultants are experts in their chosen fields. Each consultant comes with extensive experience managing diverse projects in multiple sectors globally, with varying levels of complexity in small, medium, and large organisations.

We are passionate about enabling our clients to bring multiple critical projects to successful fruition, delivering strong people, professional and commercial outcomes that are sustainable long after project completion.

We use a pragmatic, yet innovative approach to achieve results within challenging business environments, with strong leadership, management, and operational skills to drive change, finding the balance between working with structure and working with diverse internal and external stakeholders to get things done.

We have extensive experience in working cross-culturally, bringing an exemplary level of care and attention to all interactions. Our versatility in managing stakeholders helps us to ensure that the journey is meaningful and inclusive to all, guaranteeing strong outcomes through collaboration, strategic and operational leadership.

Core Areas of Expertise

Working with small, medium, and large complex businesses to:

  • Develop, consolidate, and evolve business strategy
  • Develop and support implementation of organisation-wide plans to achieve key strategic objectives
  • Develop and support implementation of business growth strategy and plans
  • Develop and support implementation of process re-engineering strategies using Lean/Six Sigma Methodology
  • Implementation of change
  • Design and development of performance management frameworks
  • Develop capability and culture agenda and related plans
  • Customised training and development programs for executives, all levels of leadership and workforce
  • Development of talent acquisition and retention strategies
  • Development of workforce planning and capability frameworks
  • Education- Innovation, Design, Delivery and Compliance
  • Development of Teacher/Trainer capability
  • Allied partnerships- Business development in the Education sector (Domestic and International)
  • Design, development, and execution of work readiness programs
  • Student engagement
  • Design, development, and execution of graduate programs

Our Quality Service Assurance

Multiple channels of expertise come into play in delivering service to you.
Strong Collaboration, Consultation and Engagement internally and externally.
Risk Management and Compliance expertise.
We challenge ourselves, each other, and you to ensure rigour and quality outputs.
High quality frameworks and structures setup for seamless implementation and ongoing sustainability.

Demonstrated Capability and Capacity

PCS has worked and continues to work with organisations, large and small, ranging from Government, Not-For-Profit, privately-owned and public businesses.

Our focus is on partnering with our clients to deliver excellence and obtain quality outcomes, bringing into play our holistic, all-of-business knowledge, understanding and expertise developed over years of working with diverse organisations on a wide range of projects.

We have partnered with multiple organisations in developing and delivering key strategic initiatives from the ground up, taking all stakeholders along with us to ensure that embedment of necessary change, systems, processes and behaviours is sustainable for the long-term.

Value-Add Core Competence

  • Industry-specific innovation
  • Best-practice frameworks
  • Strong industry networks
  • People and Culture strategy
  • Future growth strategies